There is a good reason why we sometimes talk about getting our beauty sleep. Sleeping right at night (and sometimes but rarely during the day) and putting in the correct number of hours during this pleasurable part of your long day does make you look beautiful. You may not have noticed yet because maybe you aren’t getting enough sleep at night. Do all this and more and you will be feeling fabulous inside too. Dozens of dreamlike suggestions come to mind but we only have room for a few tips. Let us start with a timeless piece of advice.

The bare minimum of sleep at night that you should be indulging in is still those magical eight hours.  It helps your kids in their own growth. It helps you to glow during the day, aiding both mental and physical well-being.  Right now, you may be one of the thousands of adults who have not being following this routine mainly due to your lifestyle, whether it has been inflicted upon you or whether you have chosen it. It’s not the end of the world because you still have plenty of time to make that change. It is also heartening to know that there are natural remedies which can help you to sleep better at night and look and feel great during the day.

Observant folks have been talking admiringly about the cultural and functional aspects of the Mediterranean lifestyle for donkey’s years. Where sleep is concerned, let’s start with a famous example. Ever heard of siesta time? The Spaniards have been doing this for centuries. Today’s Latinos continue this practice to their great benefit in some parts of the world. Twelve o clock in the afternoon is siesta time. Basically, these Spanish-speaking folks take naps for no more than two hours, let’s say. And while it may not be ideal today, these folks are known to have legendary late nights out, not forgetting to feast sumptuously during their festivities.

This brings me to my next beauty tip. It’s easy once you put this balanced perspective into practice. This is also famously known as the Mediterranean diet. Simply put, it includes eating a variety of wholesome, natural ingredients consistently three times a day. While breakfast remains the most important meal of the day, meals are generally lighter than what has become customary, irrespective of culture or region. The old advice of never going to bed on a full stomach still applies here. And during the day we are still prone to nasty little habits such as drinking too much lattes or black coffee.

Better to replace caffeine with natural stimulants which are good for hydrating your skin and relaxing you, rather than tensing and exciting you.  A cup of tea before you go to bed won’t do you any harm at all. Some of you may be experiencing extreme difficulty in getting a good night’s rest or eating healthily during the day. Don’t worry; help is at hand for you too. But the best advice I can leave you with now is to schedule a visit to your doctor and nip this little problem of yours in the bud. Good night. Sleep tight. Here’s to looking gorgeous tomorrow morning.






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