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Don’t Let Work Overwhelm You

Business, Lifestyle April 2, 2016

I get that we all need to make money in order to survive. I’ve been in those places where most of us don’t feel comfortable talking about those hurtful experiences where our families simply had to take a back seat while we carried on at the office or in our study. Perhaps you are one of those single ladies who have allowed your work life take you over. You have placed yourself in the proverbial pickle by accumulating too much debt that you simply must pay off. That is why you feel compelled to work longer and harder hours than anyone else.

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Mixing business with charity

Business December 22, 2015

Let’s talk about a challenging venture. Making money in any business segment is difficult enough for most of us, but what if we shared our earnings with those less fortunate than us? Small business owners do not need to worry much at this stage because I know that their budgets are constrained, even at the best of times, but it would surely not do them any harm to share their knowledge or expertise with those who still need to learn the ins and outs of running a business over and above just surviving to put food on the table.

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