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A Bucket-listed Adventure

Blogging July 2, 2016

Like you, I am far too young to be thinking about that inevitable day when we must leave this place called Mother Earth. Most of us shudder at the very thought but if we’ve managed to keep things in perspective and maintain the right level of faith, we believe that we can look forward to a great after-life. But what about this life? When you think about it, as routine and hard as it sometimes feels, every day of our life can be adventurous. Sometimes, the unexpected happens. Sometimes bad things happen, but hopefully there are more pleasant surprises.

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Citizen Blogger

Blogging May 22, 2016

Since the advent of blogging as we have come to know it today, the world has become smaller still. When blogs were first pioneered as a formal sidebar to mainstream commercial websites nearly twenty years ago, thousands of people have been empowered to have their say on a range of issues which they have a vested interest in or affect their daily lives and those of their communities. Go to any popular news website or your favorite fashion retailer and you will find that a blog posting menu is embedded prominently on the company’s home page.

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Do you have writer’s blog?

Blogging April 8, 2016

It sound like a silly question, I know, but at least I’ve caught your attention. These days it does not take me long to give life to a new posting idea. While I am away from my writing table I am already listing new ideas in my head. One of the best and most productive ways to source new ideas for processing on your blog is the practiced discipline of reading. Whether you are settling down into your armchair at night, reading on one of your favorite genres or down at your local coffee shop going through the news of the day while enjoying your favorite latte of cappuccino, you have new, fresh ideas right before your very eyes. I like my coffee strong and black and without sugar by the way.

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How to write a great blog post about a book you love

Blogging February 11, 2016

Depending on your field of interest or expertise or something that you are passionate about and want to tell the whole world about, you could give this post your own title. Because I am a writer by trade and one of my greatest passions is reading well-written books and journals from most genres, I will use the example of writing an informal book review of a book read recently. In my case, in order to enhance the quality of my post, it has to be something quite recently read while my memory still serves me well.

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It’s easy if you try

Blogging January 30, 2016

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while and don’t have anything similar to show the world right now, perhaps it’s time you start thinking seriously about putting together your own blog. It’s quite easy once you get going. Ask me, I know. Well, of course I don’t know everything. In fact, I think you are a lot brighter than me, but still, we may have a few things in common. For instance, we love to read, right? But we spend a lot more of our precious time reading other people’s stuff.

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