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Food Can Make You Look Gorgeous

Beauty and Beyond March 17, 2016

The next time you go shopping, take a hard, long look at what you usually put into your basket. Then after reading this post, the next time you do go to the grocery store, take another look at what’s on the shelves and also take a few moments to read some of the inscriptions of recommended beauty products primarily designed to make you look and feel gorgeous. After reading this post you will soon learn that you don’t need to spend so much money on these fancy brands and still more time on applying them to your blemished skin.

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Hair and its Issues

Beauty and Beyond February 20, 2016

For most women, if not all of them, hair is so important. It’s important for the image they want to project for themselves and for how they’ll be feeling for the rest of the day. If the hair is not just so, the day may yet be ruined and yours truly will be quite miserable for the rest of that day. In essence, though, hair is important because it has aesthetic, social, psychological, cultural and even religious significance for women from all walks of life, no matter their age or standing, across all cultural spectrums.

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Let’s start making our own beauty soap

Beauty and Beyond January 8, 2016

To plunge right in, let’s really start to think seriously about making our own beauty soap. Let’s think about creative ways of reducing wastage in our home and making a noble contribution towards environmental sustainability. Of more concern to most of us is the increased cost of beauty products (which include soap packs) whether they are chemically manufactured or healthy, natural (organic) alternatives. It is always ironic to note that, still to this day, whether it be food or our monthly beauty products, things that are inherently good for us, remain far more expensive than all those other harmful products that devious retail corporations continue to shove down our throats while continuing to twist our legislators’ arms to look the other way and publicly declare that either ‘there is no science’ or ‘there’s just not enough evidence’.

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Sleep and other habits to make you look and feel beautiful

Beauty and Beyond November 15, 2015

There is a good reason why we sometimes talk about getting our beauty sleep. Sleeping right at night (and sometimes but rarely during the day) and putting in the correct number of hours during this pleasurable part of your long day does make you look beautiful. You may not have noticed yet because maybe you aren’t getting enough sleep at night. Do all this and more and you will be feeling fabulous inside too. Dozens of dreamlike suggestions come to mind but we only have room for a few tips. Let us start with a timeless piece of advice.

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Sensing beauty naturally

Beauty and Beyond November 5, 2015

I’m tired of artificial sense stimulants. It tends to raise more of an odiferous sweat in me than the refreshing reassurance you get after breathing a sigh of relief, catching a whiff of a familiar smell that has its origins in something natural. Knowing that some of the fragrances I’m using contain a battery of chemicals leaves me feeling nervous as though an arsenal of nuclear missiles were parked right next door to me. I’d much rather be reminded of natural surroundings which help me to call up old memories while I’m incarcerated in my urban jungle.

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Soapy suds and tips

Beauty and Beyond October 19, 2015

Not sure if you have but I’ve been giving this a lot of thought lately. Many of us have to think twice before we head off to the drug store, supermarket or beauticians to buy our monthly or quarterly beauty products because, quite frankly, these goodies are becoming more expensive as the days go by. To compensate, many ladies, single or with families, rely on their usual quota of soap bars to do the beauty jobs. But not all soap is good for us. Ironically, the cheaper they are the more harmful they seem to be.

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