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Awesome Adventure Ideas

Adventure, Travel July 17, 2016

For once in your life, take a chance. Haven’t you ever heard that expression before? Well, I have. Many times. Not only have I been told to do it, I’ve read about it too. I’ve read many inspirational stories, from page turners to personal blogs to promotional websites. Whether they’ve gently hinted that we should try this new venture while telling you about their experience of a life time, or true life stories about brave men and women who’ve taken epic journeys that no-one dared to before, or simply commercial ventures shoving their packages down our throats while silently emptying our pockets, great adventure stories (and the suggested ideas that go along with them) have been written.

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Beginner’s guide to long-boarding

Adventure, Travel June 25, 2016

I wouldn’t call it a favorite but one of my hobbies is learning new things. Its hard work, I tell you because where sport and adventure are concerned it often requires you to learn new skills and how to adapt your body to positions it was never used to before. Even if it only requires walking at a brisk pace, you also need to be quite fit so if you are like me, there’s that too; you need to do regular exercises to get your body into shape for new physical expressions of endeavor and reaching new goals.

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Fancy Colombia

Adventure, Travel March 27, 2016

Believe it or not, those days are disappearing very quickly. Only Hollywood propaganda vehicles and dusty archived documentaries will remind the rest of the living breathing, eating, sleeping, dancing and singing world, that Colombia is an extremely dangerous land of high and violent murder and crime rates, ruled over by the most malevolent drug barons and corrupt politicians known to humankind. This is a happy story because it is about a country on the mend, having come a long way since those dark, demonic days. Ask any adventurous traveler who has been there lately and they will tell you that as the ultimate South American cultural and travel adventure, Columbia is fast becoming the perfect antidote to the better-known Brazilian escape route.

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