Beginner’s guide to long-boarding

Adventure, Travel June 25, 2016

I wouldn’t call it a favorite but one of my hobbies is learning new things. Its hard work, I tell you because where sport and adventure are concerned it often requires you to learn new skills and how to adapt your body to positions it was never used to before. Even if it only requires walking at a brisk pace, you also need to be quite fit so if you are like me, there’s that too; you need to do regular exercises to get your body into shape for new physical expressions of endeavor and reaching new goals.

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Burgers or salads?

Food June 5, 2016

It depends on how you’re feeling, I suppose, but let’s be honest, even the healthiest among us are prone to the cravings that burgers and fries and their accompanying soda streams bring. This is usually because of the so-called modern lifestyles that we’ve become accustomed to. Those of you who are so conscious about your figures and keeping your waistlines to satisfactory levels which also allow you to slip into your sexiest outfits without any extra huffs are probably ok for now because you’re all eating mostly salads and will run a mile at the first whiff of a take-out joint.

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Citizen Blogger

Blogging May 22, 2016

Since the advent of blogging as we have come to know it today, the world has become smaller still. When blogs were first pioneered as a formal sidebar to mainstream commercial websites nearly twenty years ago, thousands of people have been empowered to have their say on a range of issues which they have a vested interest in or affect their daily lives and those of their communities. Go to any popular news website or your favorite fashion retailer and you will find that a blog posting menu is embedded prominently on the company’s home page.

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Do you have a favorite Bond?

Entertainment and Leisure May 7, 2016

I had to ask, because I absolutely adore him. Now, you might be asking; Bond, who. Well, James Bond of course, who else did you think I was talking about, silly? Trouble is though; this old man has had so many changes over the years since long before I was born. And throughout my adult life, I have been gleefully watching re-runs of the master spy’s derring-do’s. He’s aged well too, don’t you think. After all, he must be in his eighties by now. In his latest epic adventure, Spectre, this time played by British-born actor, Daniel Craig, he continues to look lovely with his short, cropped, sandy-blonde hair, piercing eyes and those muscles.

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Do you have writer’s blog?

Blogging April 8, 2016

It sound like a silly question, I know, but at least I’ve caught your attention. These days it does not take me long to give life to a new posting idea. While I am away from my writing table I am already listing new ideas in my head. One of the best and most productive ways to source new ideas for processing on your blog is the practiced discipline of reading. Whether you are settling down into your armchair at night, reading on one of your favorite genres or down at your local coffee shop going through the news of the day while enjoying your favorite latte of cappuccino, you have new, fresh ideas right before your very eyes. I like my coffee strong and black and without sugar by the way.

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Don’t Let Work Overwhelm You

Business, Lifestyle April 2, 2016

I get that we all need to make money in order to survive. I’ve been in those places where most of us don’t feel comfortable talking about those hurtful experiences where our families simply had to take a back seat while we carried on at the office or in our study. Perhaps you are one of those single ladies who have allowed your work life take you over. You have placed yourself in the proverbial pickle by accumulating too much debt that you simply must pay off. That is why you feel compelled to work longer and harder hours than anyone else.

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