The Basics About a Green Smoothie Diet

Food November 3, 2017

If you are looking for a way in which you can lose some weight and to add a little more fruits and veggies into your daily diet then you might want to take a look at a green smoothie diet. However, before you do you should learn a little bit about this kind of diet before trying it.

Basics About the Green Smoothie Diet

When it comes to a green smoothie diet, you should know that it basically involves a combination of different fruits and green veggies that are all combined together in a blender in order to make yourself a nourishing drink. Greens found in a green smoothie diet are usually some of the most nutritious foods and these smoothies provide you a way to increase your intake of these greens in a way that is very simple and usually very good tasting as well.

Awesome Adventure Ideas

Adventure, Travel July 17, 2016

For once in your life, take a chance. Haven’t you ever heard that expression before? Well, I have. Many times. Not only have I been told to do it, I’ve read about it too. I’ve read many inspirational stories, from page turners to personal blogs to promotional websites. Whether they’ve gently hinted that we should try this new venture while telling you about their experience of a life time, or true life stories about brave men and women who’ve taken epic journeys that no-one dared to before, or simply commercial ventures shoving their packages down our throats while silently emptying our pockets, great adventure stories (and the suggested ideas that go along with them) have been written.

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A Bucket-listed Adventure

Blogging July 2, 2016

Like you, I am far too young to be thinking about that inevitable day when we must leave this place called Mother Earth. Most of us shudder at the very thought but if we’ve managed to keep things in perspective and maintain the right level of faith, we believe that we can look forward to a great after-life. But what about this life? When you think about it, as routine and hard as it sometimes feels, every day of our life can be adventurous. Sometimes, the unexpected happens. Sometimes bad things happen, but hopefully there are more pleasant surprises.

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Beginner’s guide to long-boarding

Adventure, Travel June 25, 2016

I wouldn’t call it a favorite but one of my hobbies is learning new things. Its hard work, I tell you because where sport and adventure are concerned it often requires you to learn new skills and how to adapt your body to positions it was never used to before. Even if it only requires walking at a brisk pace, you also need to be quite fit so if you are like me, there’s that too; you need to do regular exercises to get your body into shape for new physical expressions of endeavor and reaching new goals.

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Burgers or salads?

Food June 5, 2016

It depends on how you’re feeling, I suppose, but let’s be honest, even the healthiest among us are prone to the cravings that burgers and fries and their accompanying soda streams bring. This is usually because of the so-called modern lifestyles that we’ve become accustomed to. Those of you who are so conscious about your figures and keeping your waistlines to satisfactory levels which also allow you to slip into your sexiest outfits without any extra huffs are probably ok for now because you’re all eating mostly salads and will run a mile at the first whiff of a take-out joint.

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Citizen Blogger

Blogging May 22, 2016

Since the advent of blogging as we have come to know it today, the world has become smaller still. When blogs were first pioneered as a formal sidebar to mainstream commercial websites nearly twenty years ago, thousands of people have been empowered to have their say on a range of issues which they have a vested interest in or affect their daily lives and those of their communities. Go to any popular news website or your favorite fashion retailer and you will find that a blog posting menu is embedded prominently on the company’s home page.

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